Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section provides important information that you need to know before proceeding on to payment, and will answer most questions that you may have. Please read it over carefully.

  • What service do you provide?

    The service we provide is plain and simple. Within thirty seconds of a spot becoming available in your course, we will send you a text message on your cell phone, and an email notification. This way, you can quickly log-in to UBC SSC, and snatch up the available spot before anyone else.

  • What courses can I get notifications for?

    We can notify you for any course that does not have a waiting list. If the course does have a waiting list, the native UBC system is better and you should sign up for the waiting list instead.

  • I don’t have the requirements to get a restricted seat. Can I be notified for general seats only?

    Yes, you can! You can choose to be notified for only general seats, or any seat (restricted or general).

  • What information do I have to provide to get a notification?

    Your name (or at least something to call you by). The specific course you want to get in to (i.e. course name, number and section). Your cell phone number AND cell phone provider (only if you want text notifications). Your e-mail address (to send you an e-mail notification). That’s it!

  • When do I get added onto your notification system and how long does your service last for?

    Once we get your payment processed (this usually takes a couple hours), you get added onto our list immediately, and will be notified once a spot in your course becomes available! Our service lasts until you get your course, or it is past the UBC date to sign up for new courses. If you get a notification that your course is now available, but someone else gets to it before you do, not to worry. Just click the link in the notification email to get re-added onto the notification system, at NO EXTRA COST!

  • Why can’t your service register me in the course?

    In order to sign you up for the course, we would need your UBC SSC username and password. Not only is this a breach of security, but it goes against UBC’s policy, as well as our own policies here at myUBCcourseisfull. Sorry!

  • How much does your service cost, and what methods can I use to pay?

    Our service costs a small, one-time fee of $5 per section. Once you pay this fee (via a PayPal account or Credit Card), you will be put on our list until you get a notification or it is past the UBC course sign-up date. The payment system is 100% secure and confidential, as it is done through PayPal.

  • Why do you have a fee?

    We have to cover the costs for our server, notification system and domain. Remember, we’re not trying to make money, but we have to cover our basic costs to provide you with the services that we promise.

  • Is the payment system secure? I don’t feel safe paying over the internet.

    Our payment system is 100% secure, safe and confidential. Payment is done via PayPal, one of the biggest online payment sites. You can pay through a PayPal account or Credit Card.

  • What if I get the notification, but someone else takes the spot because I didn’t make it in time?

    Not to worry. Just click the link in the notification email to get re-added onto the notification system, at NO EXTRA COST.

    We won't stop trying until you get into the course you want.

  • Is your service guaranteed to get me into the course I want?

    Unfortunately, no. We cannot guarantee that you will get into the course, despite our best efforts. Remember that we just send you a notification when a spot opens up; the rest is entirely up to you. Also, it may be the case that nobody drops out of the course, and so no spot becomes available. Furthermore, our system is only able to check if a course is available every thirty seconds. So if someone drops a course, and someone else re-registers within that time, our system is unable to detect this. Hence, no notification will be sent.

  • Why am I not getting my notifications?

    You may not be getting text message notifications if your carrier or plan does not support them (please contact your provider for details). Also, although the text message is delivered from our end, many providers’ text messaging services are unreliable when receiving from non-cellular sources, so messages may not be recieved successfully. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do, so make sure to check your email as well. If you are not getting emails, it is most likely due to your junk mail filter. Check your Junk/Spam box, or unblock

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at