Dear fellow UBC student,

This site is dedicated to UBC students such as yourself, who are unable to get into specific courses, labs or tutorials because they are completely full.

The service we provide is plain and simple: as soon as a spot opens up in the course you want, we send you a text message and an e-mail notification within thirty seconds. This way, you can quickly log-in to UBC SSC, and snatch up the available spot.

At myUBCcourseisfull, we are dedicated to getting you into the courses you want.

Please read the FAQ section above before signing up, which only takes a few minutes.

Thank you for visiting our site, and good luck with your courses!


The myUBCcourseisfull team

  • Updates

  • Summer 2021 courses up!

    Summer 2021 course watcher registrations are now up. Good luck with your courses!

    March 31, 2021

  • We're still working!

    We are aware that UBC has updated the SSC to include two-factor authentication. However, this has no effect on our course watcher. Remember, our sign up page always verifies your course before you register. If the course is valid, then the watcher will work!

    April 15, 2020

How it works:

Look up the course and section you would like to get notifications for.
Enter in your contact information and payment details. We charge $5.00 per course section. There is no need to register an account.
Get notifications when a seat becomes available and register for the course. It's that simple!